Yves Gagnon


Professional chartered accountant specializing in corporate reorganization, Mr. Gagnon has led several companies of service, distribution and manufacturing. Since 2003, he has devoted all his energies to the growth of the cabinet manufacturing business in the Canadian and in the U.S. market. The company was awarded the Prize Performance PME in 2006.

Pierre-Yves Gagnon

General Manager

Graduate of a master’s degree in finance from Sherbrooke University in 2006, Pierre-Yves has initially focused on the management of private investments for one of the largest Canadian pension fund. This experience led him to assess the potential for a multitude of private companies to take place in the development of business strategy in several areas around the world and participate in several boards of business. He finally decided to use his expertise for the family business in early 2013.

Benoit Gagnon

Custom sales director

Graduate of the École du Meuble in 2002, Ben has quickly risen through the ranks. Committed in 2003 on the assembly line, he was promptly noticed and was promoted as account manager. Therefore, his knowledge, his motivation and his bilingualism made him a sought-after employee. Now Sales Manager, he’s always looking out for new trends to keep Cuisine Idéale at the forefront on the market. On the road or in his office, he is the link between customers, representatives and production.

Jean Bernard Gagnon

Multi-Family Sales Director

Jean-Bernard joined the family business back in 2012.  With his years of banking experience in both Construction and manufacturing sectors for one of the largest financial corporation in North America, he brings his contagious passion to the team.  JB is a leader always in step with the time to develop innovative products for flagship projects and new markets.  He holds a Master’s degree in finance from Sherbrooke University and is a CFA Charterholder.

Christine Vaillancourt

Financial and operational director

Mrs. Vaillancourt is responsible for our operations and finances within our organization.  Throughout her career, Christine developed an expertise in specialized financing for businesses, as well as bank loans and equity investments with diverse organizations.  She was also associated with the firm Moreault et Associées, who specialized in the process of acquisition, merger or sales of companies as well as in the financing of companies  Furthermore, Christine also acquired experience in financial verifications by working at the Deloitte firm.  Her implication in various boards of directors also gave her several tools for a greater understanding of issues, concerns and stakes for a company.


Christine is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Québec

Annie Boudreau

Transport Logistics Planner

First hired as a receptionist in 2006, her knowledge and talent for the customer service was quickly noticed. This smiling and passionate woman was promoted so quickly. Her skills of planning combined with the knowledge of transportation made ??it the obvious choice candidate to manage all transportation logistics in our company. Constantly learning about new transport legislation and in constant contact with our carriers, she ensures that everything is delivered on time and in good condition since 5 years.

Marie-Eve Girard

Account Manager

First graduated in accounting, this young woman is never hesitating in front of new challenges. Her speed of execution and learning was decisive in her change of position. After 6 years in the accounting of our company, she seized the opportunity to transfer to customer service. Smiling, available and always on the lookout for new, she held the position of Account Manager since 2009.

Robert Samson

Account Manager

With 27 years of service (15 years in the factory and 12 years as account manager) Robert is appreciated as much by our customers than by his peers. The knowledge he has accumulated, his availability and his exceptional customer service are some of his several qualities. Inexhaustible source of information, it makes him a valuable employee in our company.

Josyane Longval

Account Manager

Josyane has over 15 years of experience in customer service. She holds a diploma in interior design and has work as a kitchen designer for several years before joining our team at Cuisine Idéale. Josyane is a smiling and motivated person who adapts easily. She loves kitchen design and constantly wants to take on new challenge.

Martine Charest

Account Manager

Martine has more than 10 years of experience in customer service. Always eager to find the right answer, her listening skills and her desire to offer a good level of service have made her an employee you can count on. Her curiosity pushed her to cross the boarders and start something new and she is more than happy to be a member of Cuisine Idéale.

Maxence Beltramini

Project Manager

With degrees in landscaping, sciences and architecture, in addition to a great experience in the cabinet manufacturing industry, Maxence is a versatile employee. He always wants to offer the best service. Constantly improving his knowledge about the kitchen cabinetry, his curiosity is one of his best qualities.

Brigitte Baron

Project Manager

Brigitte professional study diploma in building design and her degrees in accounting add to 5 years’ experience in events organization and over 18 years of team work makes her an efficient employee.

Noémie Doyon

Project Estimator

At first, Noémie obtain a diploma in Hotel management and then reorient her career towards designing cabinets. Graduated in 2016 in Building Design, she joined the team of multi-housing projects. Highly motivated and with great customer contact, she persist to provide a good experience to our customers.

Maxim Leblond

Lead Estimator

Graduate of the Architectural technology programme in Montreal, 5 years working in the construction field and many years in the customer service field, Maxim is able to bring a different point of view on different projects. He is able to sense exactly what the client wants and execute it with speed. His only preoccupation is the satisfaction of a job well done and a happy Customer.

Valérie Nadeau

Project Manager

After she has received her college diploma, Valerie changed career paths in the direction towards the design cabinet. In 2016, she received her diploma and joined the Cuisine Idéale family. Her organization and determination help her to provide exceptional service. Always smiling, she is a joy to work with.