Great pictures from our distributors!

9 February 2015 | Cuisine Idéale


We like it when our distributors around North American send us some pictures of their projects….

Every week we will be posting these pictures in our blog but also in our social networks so be sure to send us these pictures, videos etc.

This week we received pictures  from:

North country and construction design in British Columbia, Canada:

This project of our distributor is completely unique  because it is about a wooden log house but for which our product was chosen for the kitchen cabinetery.

North country and construction design- on dissimule les poubelles North Country and construction design- tirant à épices North country and construction design- tirant vers l'extérieur et s'abaissant pour la facilitéNorth country and construction design- armoires en coin- géniale

Thanks for the pictures…

We also received pictures from our distributor New England Design Elements!

New England Design Elements  picture 2 New England Design Elements- picture 1

So it is an invitation to all our distributors, designers, customers….to send us pictures of our projets for which we help you reach your goal: A DREAM KITCHEN, BATHROOM…WALK-IN….

Every week we will publish these for you…..and as you know internet has no limit, so maybe new customers for you!

We invite you to continue your visit here on our website


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